17/07/2018 09:15 BST | Updated 17/07/2018 09:16 BST

‘Love Island’ Viewers Had The Best Reactions To The Georgia ‘Loyal’ Steel And Sam Bird Twist

😂 😂 😂

‘Love Island’ producers served up what might be the twist of the series on Monday night, with a move that will surely spell the end for Georgia Steel’s “loyalty” declarations.

The episode saw Caroline Flack enter the villa and explain that viewers had been voting for their favourite couples, revealing that the two with the least votes were Megan Barton Hanson and Wes Nelson, and Georgia Steel and Sam Bird.

The host then revealed the first part of the twist, explaining that the couples’ fates were in the hands of their fellow Islanders, who had to choose one duo to stay. 

After struggling to make a decision, they eventually decided to save Wes and Megan - but this wasn’t the end for Georgia and Sam.

Oh dear

This is the best bit. Ready?

Caroline gave Georgia and Sam a simple choice: If you want to stay together then leave the island as a couple. If you’re prepared to split, you can stay.

So what did they do? What did Georgia I’m-so-loyal-the-most-loyal-always-and-forever Steel agree to? They split, obviously. 

Naturally, Twitter had a field day with their decision… 

Many viewers pointed out Georgia had perhaps been a little hypocritical, given the tough time she gave Josh Denzel when he ditched her for Kaz Crossley:

It wasn’t all bad though and the couple did get some support on Twitter:

And finally, bonus points go to musician Loyle Carner: 

The episode also showed the aftermath of the eviction, including one scene where Dani Dyer was (once again) the voice of the nation, getting rather exasperated with Georgia and explaining her confusion.

She told her pal: “Honestly, if you liked him enough you would have gone [home] with him.

“Rather than saying, ‘I’m honest, I’m loyal,’ but you don’t have any loyalties to each other.

“I wanted the best for you two, this ain’t a test.

“I think you’ve made a stupid fucking decision and you’re going to be crying George, and you’re [Sam] going to be upset.”

Loyal Love Island’ continues tonight at 9pm on ITV.

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