Love Island's Joanna Claims Viewers Didn't Get To See Her Friendship With Amber

Joanna says she and Amber had a great relationship, despite having fellow Islander Michael Griffiths in common.

Former Love Island star Joanna Chimonides has claimed viewers didn’t get to see the full story of her time in the villa.

More specifically, Joanna has suggested she and Amber Gill had a strong friendship on the show, which producers chose not to show.

Joanna Chimonides in the Love Island beach hut
Joanna Chimonides in the Love Island beach hut

Earlier in the series, Joanna coupled up with Michael Griffiths following this year’s Casa Amor twist, despite him having previously been involved in a romance with Amber.

Having now left the villa, after which Michael claimed to Amber that she was the one he liked all along, Joanna told Metro: “My personality wasn’t shown as much throughout my time in there, but also mine and Amber’s relationship wasn’t shown enough.

”We really got along. We did each other’s make up and hair, and it would have been nice for viewers to see that.”

HuffPost UK has contacted Love Island representatives for comment.

Joanna made similar comments earlier this week, when she told her Instagram followers that she had always encouraged Michael to check that Amber was OK during her time in the villa.

Michael and Amber kissing as part of a challenge earlier this week
Michael and Amber kissing as part of a challenge earlier this week

Elaborating further on this, Joanna told Metro: “All in all I was disappointed in Michael. He couldn’t be honest with me or Amber, it’s the lack of communication that gets me.”

After it was revealed that she was being eliminated, Joanna urged Michael to come with her, branding the firefighter a “snake” when he chose not to follow her, and saying she was “in limbo” with regards to her feelings for him.

Despite Michael making a move on Amber once again, she recently chose to couple up with newcomer Greg O’Shea, while Michael is now paired with Francesca Allen.

Love Island continues tonight at 9pm on ITV2.

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