04/07/2017 15:04 BST

Love Island’s Jonny Mitchell Has Failed To Mention That He’s (Probably) Absolutely Minted

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The ‘Love Island’ villa is a place where secrets don’t usually stay private for long, but it looks like one of this year’s contestants has managed to withhold one (pretty big) detail about his life.

While Marcel Sommerville lasted approximately 0.2 seconds before revealing he was a member of Blazin’ Squad, Jonny Mitchell has successfully played his cards closer to his chest, failing to tell anyone about the level of luxury he normally enjoys.

ITV Pictures
Jonny Mitchell

While the 26-year-old was introduced to viewers as a “business director”, a quick browse through Jonny’s Instagram account reveals he could probably have jazzed up that title a bit:

Cartier? Permanently flying first class? A hotel that has a PILLOW MENU? The ‘Love Island’ villa is basically Jonny’s idea of slumming it.

Here’s a sneaky peek at his London pad too:

Jealous? Us? No comment.

Unfortunately for Jonny, things in the villa aren’t simple and he’s currently stuck in something of a love triangle with Camilla Thurlow and Tyla Carr, who was one of the most recent additions to the show.

Things can change quickly though, as Jonny found out last month when a row about feminism - yes, you’re reading this correctly - left Camilla questioning whether she should be with him.

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