07/06/2017 18:19 BST

'Love Island': Kem And Amber Recouple With Each Other - But Has He Already Blown It?

That didn't take him long.

Kem Cetinay has finally got what he wanted in ‘Love Island’, after managing to recouple with Amber Davies, but it didn’t take long before it looked like he’d already blown his chances.

After growing close over their first few days in the villa - despite already being coupled up with Chloe Crowhurst and Harley Judge - Kem and Amber were both given their original partners’ blessing to go ahead as a pair.

New 'Love Island' pair Kem and Amber

Chloe said she’d be “over the moon” to wind up with Harley rather than Kem, with Harley telling the rest of the group: “ I will admit I’ve felt a little bit singled out but I just want everyone to know that if something like this ever goes on again I’d rather be involved in the conversation rather than be kept in the dark.

“I’m an understanding person and I think I can see that you two get on a lot better than me and Amber did, so I just thought I’d put it out there that I’m happy for you two to crack on and it’s not a problem with me. Alright?”

However, with Kem and Amber free to carry on as a new pair, it didn’t take him long to come on a little too strong.

Inviting Amber to spend the night with him in a double bed away from the rest of the contestants, she told him: “Babe I’m not staying here.

“The reason why me and Harley aren’t coupling up is because he was too pushy with me, I didn’t like it… at the end of the day, me and Harley aren’t staying coupled up because he was too intense with me and I think now I feel smothered.”

Amber admits Kem's "pushy" attitude hasn't worked in his favour

The following morning, Kem was already regretting his decision, and his forwardness could very easily work against him, particularly given that two new “boy bombshells” have now arrived in the villa, looking for romance with the existing ‘Love Island’ ladies.

See how it all plays out between Kem and Amber in tonight’s (7 June) ‘Love Island’, kicking off at 9pm on ITV2.

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