06/06/2017 22:01 BST

‘Love Island’ Introduces New ‘Boy Bombshells’ Chris Hughes And Johnny Mitchell

Yes, it's time to get to know them a little better.

The ‘Love Island’ villa is welcoming two new housemates, Chris Hughes And Johnny Mitchell.

The “boy bombshells” - a phrase which is most definitely ITV’s, not ours - were unveiled at the end of Tuesday’s (6 June) episode and are sure to cause a stir.

So, let’s just introduce them, yeah? Meet them below..

Chris Hughes

ITV Pictures

Age: 22

Job? Golf clothing ambassador

He says: “I write letters and leave them hidden for girls to find. I love surprises and I like treating people and making them feel special. The last relationship I was in I was forever going to theatre shows and long weekends away.

“I love giving and making people feel good about themselves.”

Have you seen him before? As far as we can tell, no. It may not exactly be a claim to fame but Chris does share a full name with Amanda Holden’s husband. Yes, that’s the best we’ve got.

Johnny Mitchell

ITV Pictures

Age: 26

Job? Business director

He says: “I wouldn’t go for the best looking girl as she’s probably going to leave you when a better looking geezer comes along. I’d go for the less pretty one as they’re likely to latch on and stick with you to the end. I want to be a cut above the rest and not let the testosterone fly around.”

Have you seen him before? Also a no. Although we feel like we’re going to get to know him pretty well in the coming weeks.

Need to brush up on who else they’re sharing with? Remind yourself of the other contestants taking part in this year’s series below…

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