'Love Island': Terry Walsh Contemplates Leaving, After Malin Andersson Gets The Axe

'I’m not going to win on my own am I? Malin’s the one I want to be with.'

‘Love Island’ contestant Terry Walsh is having a tough time without his partner in crime, Malin Andersson, following her shock departure from the show.

Having been paired with Malin throughout his time on ‘Love Island’, Terry suddenly found himself a lone wolf when she was given the boot, and in Thursday’s (23 June) show, he’s seen contemplating chucking the towel in completely.

<strong>Terry finds himself at a loose end without Malin</strong>
Terry finds himself at a loose end without Malin

Thinking out loud about potentially walking away from the show, he says: “I’m not going to win on my own am I? Malin’s the one I want to be with. I feel like it’s been ripped beneath my feet. I just never thought I’d be in this position.

“It’s a difficult one, because I can’t guarantee I’m even going to be with Malin in a month’s time... I know I’ll be watching from the outside going ‘I wish I was with the boys’ as well. I love every one of you boys as well, that’s what’s making it so much harder.

“I’m not just leaving for her, I’m leaving you boys for her. If I left, I wouldn’t be happy with her because I’d be missing everyone else as well.”

<strong>Malin certainly got *ahem* close with Terry on the show</strong>
Malin certainly got *ahem* close with Terry on the show

Ultimately, Terry decides to stay on the show, insisting he won’t be tempted by any other girls on the show.

He reveals: “If I’m going to be with [Malin], I’m going to be with her. No girl will come in that I’ll have them feelings for. It’s a test for me and that’s how I’ll look at it I think.”

He then makes a tactical move in partnering himself with Tina Stinnes, taking her aside and telling her: “I’ve been analysing what’s going on and at the minute you haven’t really clicked with any guys.


“For me, I still want to gain so much from this experience and further it. Obviously, recoupling is coming up. If you wanted, I’d be more than happy to recouple with you. I like you as a person, you seem really down to earth and it wouldn’t be awkward if we had to do tasks.”

This may come as a blow for newcomer Liana Isadora Van Riel, who was also hoping to pair up with Terry, following Malin’s exit.

See how she reacts in Thursday’s ‘Love Island’, kicking off at 9pm on ITV2.

Terry and Malin made headlines with their antics in last night’s (22 June) show, which saw them getting intimate… in full view of the rest of their (extremely enthusiastic) fellow contestants.

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