10/02/2020 15:32 GMT

Love Island: 17 Things Every Fan Is Feeling At This Point In The Series

Siannise, Luke T and Luke M are the couple we truly deserve.

The Love Island villa has gone through its fair share of ups and downs over the past week. 

The return of Casa Amor was the dramatic bombshell we’d been waiting for, as some relationships were shattered (RIP Shallum), and new ones forged. 

But it’s not just the Islanders’ heads that have been left scrambled by it all. In fact, we’ve all been left with a lot of thoughts over the last few days – many of which we’d never have predicted at the start of the series. 

With Twitter being a constant outlet for fans’ feelings on the ITV2 reality show, these are the most popular sentiments right now...

1. The series is Paige and Finn’s to lose

2. But Sianisse and Luke T could give them some serious competition, and we wouldn’t be mad about it

3. Or even better, for them to win as a throuple with Luke M

4. But also Queen Shaughna being the first solo person to win would be a MOMENT

5. Luke M and Luke T’s bromance is just too pure

6. And quite how Luke M is still single is anyone’s guess

7. Did Natalia use him as a meal ticket to the main villa?

8. This made Luke T an instant king

9. Everyone has done a complete 180 on Siannise from the start of the series and are ready to apologise

10. While Nas has seriously gone down in our estimations after dumping Demi

11. Would Demi and Luke M make a good couple?

12. Jess has really come into her own since Eve left

13. There is waaaaay too many people in the villa currently

14. In fact, we don’t even know the names of some of them

15. And we’d forgotten Rebecca and Jordan were even still there

16. Is Finn getting more attractive the longer he’s in the villa?

17. Callum is this year’s Michael and we’re still not ready to forgive him over what he did to Shaughna

Love Island airs Sunday to Friday at 9pm on ITV2.