Woman Turns 105 And Reveals She Can Still Remember All 51 Of Her Grandchildren's Birthdays

Happy Birthday Lucy! 🎂

At 105 years old, Lucinda Edge has a better memory than most.

The grandmother, known to friends as Lucy, has just celebrated her birthday with a family party at the residential home where she lives.

She revealed that she can still remember all 51 of her grandchildren’s names, as well as their birthdays.

Sometimes she even has to remind other family members that birthday cards are due.

Lucinda Edge
Lucinda Edge

Lucy, who celebrated her 105th birthday this month, has 18 grandchildren, 27 great grandchildren and six great great grandchildren in total.

Her relatives, many of whom joined her for a birthday party at her home in Plymouth, Devon, say the strength of her memory is incredible.

Her daughter Mavis, said: “She is a very pleasant and kind lady, she lived with me for 38 years, after losing dad.

“She is very happy at the Vicarage, the staff there have been very good to her.

“She doesn’t have very good eyesight, but her memory is very good especially when it comes to recalling the past.

“She has 51 grandchildren, but remembers all their names and birthdays.”

Lucy was born in Plymouth, Devon, on January 2, 1912, the youngest of two sisters.

Living through two World Wars, she also has many memories of these events which she recalls with clarity.

This includes the time when her school was used as a hospital during World War One meaning pupils had to attend another nearby school, a move that the then four-year-old was not happy about.

Lucy married William John Edge, known as Jack, but was widowed at the young age of 56.

The couple had three boys, John, who passed away in September 2016, Terry, 77, who lives in America, Roy, 75, and two girls, Mavis, 81 and Anita, 79.

Although Lucy has lived most of her life in Plymouth, during World War Two, and to keep the family safe from the bombings, John made the decision to move to Fowey in Cornwall in 1941, the town where he originally came from.

The family lived in the Cornish town for five-and-a-half years.

Lucy has lived at the Vicarage Residential Home in Pennycross for the past ten years, choosing to go there as it was where she used to attend Mothers’ Union meetings.

Members of the family travelled from all over the UK to be with Lucy to celebrate her recent birthday where she received another letter from the Queen.