Spanish Man Builds 60-Foot Spaceship To Visit Planet From His Novels

Lucio Ballesteros said he spent about 100,000 euros to build the spacecraft.

A man in Spain definitely has the travel bug, but he’s not looking to take a plane or RV.

No, a self-constructed spaceship is the ride favored by Lucio Ballesteros, an 87-year-old writer, musician and YouTuber from Montoedo, Spain.

The impressive craft, visible in the video from Ruptly above, measures about 60 feet in diameter and weighs nearly 2,600 pounds. It’s even captured the attention of documentary filmmaker Xoel Méndez, who is making a film about Ballesteros and his work.

Ballesteros estimates he’s spent more than 100,000 euros building the spaceship out of aluminum and methacrylate, according to the Spanish newspaper El Pais.

He said the craft won’t be operational until he installs some motors, and he doesn’t imagine it will be used until sometime far in the future. He told Spanish newspaper El Ideal Gallego that humanity will have to “evolve psychically and spiritually” before people can figure out how the technology that powers the craft works.

Someday, Ballesteros hopes the ship will be used to travel to “10/7,” a planet that comes from a series of novels written by ― you guessed it ― Ballesteros himself.

The writer described the planet as inhabited by “beings very similar to human beings, but with a higher stature.” Explaining the planet’s name, Ballesteros said said the number 10 represents the unity of God while 7 represents the seven dimensions of the human being.

Learn more about Ballesteros and his spaceship on his website, in Spanish.

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