Mad Inventor Creates The 'Sunday Morning Breakfast Machine' And It's Absolutely Perfect


This is the 'Sunday Morning Breakfast Machine' and it is, quite simply, the future of hangovers.

With just one push of a button it will toast your bread, make you the perfect cup of breakfast tea and then serve you a perfectly boiled egg.


"How can this get any better!?" we hear you cry from the blackened cave that used to be your bedroom but has, after that work party, become a place of deep regret and healing.

Well we're here to tell you that it can get better, because in true Wallace and Gromit fashion the 'Sunday Morning Breakfast Machine' will serve your breakfast for you.


OK so you have to take the egg and pop it in the egg cup but look, would you rather have a machine that does one thing really well or half cooks it and then drops it on the floor?

Who do we thank for this spectacular creation? Well you can address your letters of thanks to Peter Browne, the 69-year-old inventor who has invested some 1,000 hours of his life into creating this along with his partner in crime Mervyn Huggett.


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