Star Wars Fans Spot A Huge Goof In Latest Mandalorian Episode

The Disney+ series has just had its coffee cup moment.

The collapse of the Empire seems to have been especially hard on dress codes as eagle-eyed fans of The Mandalorian spotted someone definitely out of uniform in the latest episode.

As Mando and crew invade an old Imperial base in Chapter 12: The Siege, someone can be seen pressed up against a wall decked out in jeans, a T-shirt and a wristwatch.

Not exactly common attire a long time ago, in a galaxy far, far away.

It was likely a crew member doing a poor job of keeping out of the shot, and it happens at about 18:54 in the episode, which debuted on Disney+ last week.

The Mandalorian
The Mandalorian

Still can’t spot him?

How about now?

The Mandalorian
The Mandalorian

It’s up there with the infamous Game of Thrones scene in which someone left a coffee cup out in full view.

The filming faux pas didn’t escape fans of the series...


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