22/06/2017 16:32 BST

Magna Academy Seeks 'Strong Disciplinarian' To Become 'Director Of Detentions'

'We believe in zero tolerance. We don't make exceptions.'

A super tough secondary school in Poole is looking for a “strong disciplinarian” to become its “director of isolations and detentions”. 

Magna Academy has been accused of being “ridiculous” since the role was revealed, with one job description suggesting pupils would be given detention for not having a pen in class. 

“If you believe in a strong, ‘tough love’ approach to discipline, no excuses and that children should be respectful and obedient at all times then this may be the role for you,” the advert reads.  

“The role is suitable for a strong disciplinarian who believes that a culture of excellent behaviour and respect is crucial to the development of children and central to maximising their life chances.

“The role is not suitable for someone who wants to be every student’s best friend, who may be willing to accept excuses for poor or disrespectful behaviour, potentially damaging the future life chances of children from any type of background, however challenging.” 

According to the BBC, another online advert for the role added: “We believe in zero tolerance. We do not make exceptions. When we say we have high standards we mean it.

“If you think it is mean to give a detention when a pupil does not have a pen, Magna isn’t the school for you.

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Magna Academy in Poole wants someone to dole out 'tough love' to students 

“Our pupils walk in silence between lessons with 30cm pencil cases with full equipment, in hand, ready to immediately start working as soon as they enter a classroom, in silence.” 

The role, heading up the school’s new correction unit, will pay between £24,964 and £29,323.  

“This post has been created to allow all our teaching staff the freedom to teach 100 per cent of the time and to ensure that no learning time is ‘stolen’ from our pupils,” headteacher Richard Tutt told The Times

“We strive relentlessly to provide them with the very best educational experience in a highly supportive and caring environment.”

But parents, teachers and students alike have voiced their anger at the job.

“Wow, what a ridiculous place,” one man wrote on Twitter. 

“Far better schools than yours don’t treat their students worse than criminals. What a joke.” 

The school has caused similar controversies over discipline in the past. 

Last year, it came to light that headteacher planned to make students apologise in assembly if they had disrupted classes, a move that some parents called an “absolute disgrace”. 

But in 2015, Magna Academy was awarded an ‘Outstanding’ rating by Ofsted, with inspectors saying pupils were “exceptionally keen to learn”.