26/07/2017 18:08 BST | Updated 27/07/2017 08:12 BST

‘Make Or Break’ Could Fill The ‘Love Island’-Shaped Hole In Your Life

Think 'Love Island', with one (big) brutal twist.

If the end of ‘Love Island’ 2017 has left you feeling bereft, then we may have the answer in the form of ‘Make Or Break’.

Channel 5’s all-new dating show starts next month (Monday 7 August, at 10pm) and comes complete with its own tropical location, luxury villa and couples - among with one pretty big twist.

While everyone arriving on ‘Love Island’ was free and single, this programme sees couples who’ve had a rough ride in recent months being put “on a break” and dating each other instead, swapping partners every 48 hours.

During their stay, they’ll take in couples’ workshops, challenges and sex tutorials, all in a bid to see if they can save their relationships.

Hm? It sounds like a fair few of them could break up? We’re saying nothing.

Get to know the couples taking part below…

  • Abbi, 24, Stevenage
    Abbi, 24, Stevenage
    Picselect/Channel 5
    + Abbi is in a relationship with Stephen and they have been dating for 4 years.

    +They went on a break for a few months after she found pictures of him with girls whilst in Las Vegas – can she trust him again?
  • Stephen, 32, Stevenage
    Stephen, 32, Stevenage
    Picselect/Channel 5
    + Can Stephen shake his playboy image and decide if Abbi is the one?
  • Beth, 21, Nottingham
    Beth, 21, Nottingham
    Picselect/Channel 5
    + Beth is in a relationship with David, they have been together for 9 months.

    + Will Beth move in or move on?
  • David, 27, Nottingham
    David, 27, Nottingham
    Picselect/Channel 5
    + Think you've seen David before? Probably because he was a contestant on 2015 series of 'The Apprentice'.
  • Elle, 24, Manchester
    Elle, 24, Manchester
    Picselect/Channel 5
    + Elle has been with Andy for 4 years.

    + Andy has cheated on Elle 30 times, can he change his ways?
  • Andy, 23, Newcastle
    Andy, 23,  Newcastle
    Picselect/Channel 5
    + Andy blames the lad culture at university for him cheating on Elle. Can he change his ways and stay faithful?
  • Ellie, 21, Bristol
    Ellie, 21, Bristol
    Picselect/Channel 5
    + Ellie and Connor have been together for 3 years.

    + Ellie has a huge following online with her YouTube channel, but can she learn to trust boyfriend Connor?
  • Connor, 23, Bristol
    Connor, 23, Bristol
    Picselect/Channel 5
    + Connor is a fitness fanatic.

    + Can Connor face his emotions and give girlfriend Ellie the affection she craves?
  • Holly, 22, Blackburn
    Holly, 22, Blackburn
    Picselect/Channel 5
    + Holly and Karl have been together for 4 years and met through Facebook.

    + Karl had a 3 month affair whilst himself and Holly were going through a rough patch last February – can she trust him again?
  • Karl, 26, Blackburn
    Karl, 26, Blackburn
    Picselect/Channel 5
    + Can Karl convince Holly to trust him again after having a 3 month affair last year?
  • Jess, 21, Liverpool
    Jess, 21, Liverpool
    Picselect/Channel 5
    + Jess and Matty have been together for over 3 years and met through Facebook.

    + Jess wishes Matty could be more ambitious in life, like her, as it causes constant arguments between them.
  • Matty, 23, Liverpool
    Matty, 23, Liverpool
    Picselect/Channel 5
    + Matty admits his insecurities are getting in the way of their relationship.

    + Can he change his ways and go the distance with Jess?
  • Nikita, 28, Newcastle
    Nikita, 28, Newcastle
    Picselect/Channel 5
    +Nikita and Che have been together for nearly 2 years.

    +Nikita works as a stripper, which causes issues with boyfriend Che.
  • Che, 21, Newcastle
    Che, 21, Newcastle
    Picselect/Channel 5
    + Girlfriend Nikita admits to jealousy and hates any girl talking to him.

    + Can he persuade her to trust him?
  • Sophii, 26, Cardiff
    Sophii, 26, Cardiff
    Picselect/Channel 5
    + Sophii has been with boyfriend Richard for 3 years.

    + They met in 2014 whilst working at a local nightclub in Cardiff.

    + Sophii admits to reacting badly to girls who stare at her boyfriend.
  • Richard, 24, Cardiff
    Richard, 24, Cardiff
    Picselect/Channel 5
    + Richard used to work as a stripper.

    + Girlfriend Sophii keeps him on a tight leash.