Malcolm In The Middle Could Return To Our Screens If This 1 Thing Happens

The series ended in 2006 after six seasons.

Family sitcom Malcolm In The Middle was a firm favourite in many households during its six year run until the show ended in 2006.

The show starred Frankie Muniz as Malcolm alongside Bryan Cranston, Jane Kaczmarek as his parents and Christopher Kennedy Masterson, Justin Berfield and Erik Per Sullivan starring as his brothers Francis, Reese and Dewey.

The show won an array of awards both in America and here in the UK and has continued to be popular on streaming services. For a while now, a lot of fans have been asking if one day there could be a reunion of the cast.

After all, where did they end up? Is Dewey still as cute as an adult? Does Malcolm himself lighten up a little once teenage hormones wear off? Are Hal and Lois still together?

Now, Frankie Muniz has revealed in an interview with Mayim Bialik on her podcast Bialik Breakdown that we could be seeing the family together again, just on one small condition.

Frankie revealed that although he didn’t watch the show when it was airing, when it arrived on streaming, he watched the entirety of it for the first time ever and had a couple of surprising revelations.

He said: “My perspective of the show completely changed from what I thought the show was to what it actually was when I watched it. What I thought the show we were making was compared to what it was.”

“Even characters, when we were filming the show, I was like, “I don’t really like that character.” They became my favourite characters as a viewer,” he added.

I bet he’s talking about Reese.

He then posted a tweet saying he would love to know where Malcolm and his family are now and said that the response seemed to be unanimous, “yeah, that’d be great.”

It wasn’t just fans that were excited, though. Frankie revealed that all of the cast started emailing each other saying “we’ve got to do this, we’ve got to do it.”

There is just one issue. The creator of the show, Linwood Boomer, who based the story of Malcolm in the Middle on his own life story, needs to give a reboot the go-ahead and for now, it’s not quite the time.

Frankie explained: “The only – I don’t want to call it a hiccup, because it’s not a hiccup. The creator of the show Linwood Boomer, when we contacted him, he was like, “I think it would be amazing.” He’s like, “But I don’t want to do it.” He’s like, ‘Because I just don’t have time, because I’m focused on my charity and I’m focused on this.’”

However, all is not lost for us fans. Linwood has said that if two, unnamed by Frankie, writers get involved and come up with something good, he’ll give his “blessing”.

It seems that wheels are turning as Frankie said: “So really for the last couple of years, Bryan Cranston and these two writers… Bryan’s been heading, kind of pushing it, because he really loves the idea of putting together a script and figuring out what it could be. And we’ll see what happens.”

Let’s hope we’ll see our favourite family back together soon.


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