Guy Creates Hilariously Passive-Aggressive Spotify Playlist For Messy Housemates

We have a lot of time for this 😂👇

Anyone who’s lived in a flat or house share will have experienced at least one cleaning-based disagreement during their time.

Ben Winter is one of these people. But rather than sitting back and agreeing to live in a housemate-induced hovel, he decided to take action... in the form of a pass-agg Spotify playlist called ‘Kitchen’s A Tip’.

Ben used song titles to tell his housemates to clean up after themselves and take the bins out for a change. He also told them, through the power of song, that he couldn’t wait to move out because they were so untidy.

The assistant manager for Radio Sonar shared screenshots of his eclectic playlist on Twitter, adding: “Made my housemates a playlist of some tracks I’m really digging atm [at the moment].”

His sassy tweet received over 30,000 favourites and was shared almost 9,000 times at the time of writing.

In order, the song titles read: “Dishes, Dishes, Dirty Dishes. Please For The Love Of God Clean Up After Yourself Or At Least Hide The Evidence.

“I Can’t Wait To Move Far Away And Then, If I Never See You Again, I Will Be The Happiest Man Alive.

“Good Fucking Bye. Oh, And One More Thing, Someone Else Take The Bins Out For A Change. Pretty Fucking Sick (Of It All). King Regards, Disgruntled Bastard.”

Somebody find Ben a new (and tidy) home, fast.