Self-Confessed 'Adult Child' Devises Hilarious Plan To Ensure Parcel Gets Delivered

We wish we'd thought of this.

Picture this: you've got a really exciting delivery turning up but then you realise you've got to go somewhere.

It doesn't matter if it's a doctor's appointment, work or the supermarket, the fact of the matter is you've left the house and your delivery will arrive very soon.

So what's a person to do?

Take a leaf out of Domenick Nati's book and write a bribery note.

The hilarious note, which was shared on Imgur, reads:

Dear UPS guy (or girl),

Please leave the package at the door if I am not here, for I am an adult child and cannot wait until tomorrow.

If this delivery requires a signature, please forge the example below and take this small bribe.


Domenick Nati

The letter was taped to Nati's front door with a $20 note. The guy's a genius.

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