Jobseeker Sends CV To Potential Employers With A Box Of Doughnuts

'Most resumes end up in trash. Mine - in your belly.'

When you’re looking for a job, sending off your CV and never hearing back is one of the most frustrating things in the world.

Especially as you can never be sure whether your CV was actually read by the relevant person or just lost in a pit of unread mail.

Lukas Yla came up with an ingenious way to ensure his résumé made it to the right eyes and made an impression.

He sent a potential employer a box of doughnuts, with his CV and Linkedin profile attached.

According to his Twitter bio, Yla is “looking for new opportunities in marketing, advertising and tech” after moving to San Francisco.

He pretended to work for Postmates, a delivery service in the US, to ensure his doughnuts made it into the building.

Along with the sweet treats, Yla left his new potential employer a note saying: “This delivery was not a mistake. I pretended to be a Postmates delivery guy to ensure my resume was delivered to you personally.”

According to, he’s since delivered around 40 boxes of doughnuts to companies he’d like to work for.

It’s unclear whether his efforts have been successful yet, but with that amount of creativity, we can’t imagine he’ll be job hunting for long.

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