Man Sends Ex-Wife Flowers On Day Divorce Is Finalised And The Internet Is In Tears

The note he left with them has broken us.

A man sent his ex-wife a bunch of her favourite flowers on the day their divorce finalised.

The man, called Jason, sent a bouquet to his wife of 19 years with the touching message: “Always gonna be you.”

The couple’s daughter Morgan, 17, shared a photo of the heartfelt gesture on Twitter and explained that her dad used to send her mum flowers when she was having a bad day.

“To know that even after today, he still did it, breaks my heart,” she said.

“I have never cried so hard over four simple words.”

Morgan added that her dad had told her that the song ‘Had Me From Hello’ by Kenny Chesney was her parent’s wedding song.

When he heard another song by the singer, called ‘Always Gonna Be You’, he sent it to his ex-wife and said: “This is our finale.”

Understandably, the internet is in bits.

One person tweeted to say: “I just sobbed oh my God.” Another added: “This is bittersweet.”

Meanwhile others simply questioned why the pair can’t work it out.

One thing’s for sure. This is us right now...

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