02/02/2017 11:30 GMT

This Man Is Better At Walking In Heels Than Any Woman Ever

Where can we learn these skills?

It is a self-evident truth that high heels are a nightmare to walk in, apart from when we are wasted and *think* we’re queens of six-inch strutting.

While the reality is we look like a drunk Bambi, a male model from the Philippines has put us all to shame with his frankly mind-blowing ability to move across a room in stilettos.

3 MILLION VIEWS feature in @9gag 👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼

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Sinon Loresca frequently shares videos of himself wearing only speedos and some killer heels, but his latest one has gone viral with over 15 million views in just four days.

Presumably 15 million women wondering if he can teach us his ways.

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A video posted by 🅾️FFICIAL 🅰️CCOUNT 🇵🇭 (@sinonloresca) on

Loresca decided to make the video in honour of the Miss Universe pageant was being held in the country last weekend, where French contestant Iris Mittenaere took home the crown.