This Sold-Out Mango Dress Is Back In Stock – And It's The Perfect Wedding Guest Outfit

It sold out in two days.

Tie-dye may conjure up images of teenagers in bucket hats getting stoned, but this season it’s back and it’s all grown-up.

Nothing embodies the sophisticated tie-dye trend more than Mango’s halter neck dress, which is back in stock after selling out in just two days.

The sunset-coloured gown is fresh out of the retailer’s gala collection, which is code for fancy AF – and at £79.99, it looks much more expensive than it is.

The halter neck ties with a bow at the back and the flowing fabric cascades from yellow to orange and eventually a deep red.

We think it would be perfect for a wedding, especially when paired with some barely-there sandals. But if you want to dress it down for holiday chic, grab a round-handled bag.

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