'Big Brother': Marco Pierre White Jr's Fiancée Kim Melville-Smith Avoids The Elephant In The Room On Twitter

Sometimes silence really is golden.

Marco Pierre White Jr’s fiancée, Kim Melville-Smith, is determined to show the world she’s not concerned with his behaviour inside the ‘Big Brother’ house.

Since entering the house just over a week ago, Marco has been at the centre of plenty of drama, largely due to his relentless come-ons to his fellow housemates, and under-the-covers shenanigans with Laura Carter.

Yet, despite her fiancé being the main talking point among ‘BB’ viewers, Kim seems to be doing all she can not to address the giant, screeching elephant in the room, but we can’t help but feel her silence speaks volumes.

<strong>Marco Pierre White Jr</strong>
Marco Pierre White Jr
Channel 5

Writing on her Twitter page on Wednesday (16 June), following Marco’s recent claim he’s not sure about his relationship and just “wants to be free”, Kim truly did say everything by saying nothing.

She told her followers: “Out with a bunch of [friends] for a birthday dinner... The purpose of life is to be happy everyday.”

Kim later wrote that she was in need of a detox to “make her feel better on the inside”.

Her Twitter ‘likes’ tell a different story, though, and the following are just a few of the tweets about Marco that she’s hit favourite on over the past few days:

In Wednesday night’s (15 June) show, Marco admitted his regret over some of his behaviour in the house, admitting: “I just need a moment to process what's happened. My family are going to kill me, my fiancée is going to kill me.”

Kim previously spoke out when Marco claimed they were in an “open relationship”, insisting that this was not quite the case.

‘BB’ continues on Thursday (16 June) at 9pm on Channel 5.

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