Mariah Carey’s Rep Discusses *That* New Year’s Performance, Claiming Star Was ‘Set Up To Fail’

'She was not ‘winging’ this moment and took it very seriously.'

Mariah Carey’s representative has spoken out about that less-than-great New Year’s Eve lip-sync performance, claiming that the star is not to blame for what happened.

BWR-PR’s Nicole Perna has taken aim at the production company behind the show, slamming claims the ‘Fantasy’ superstar was unprepared and stating she rehearsed for three hours, without problems, the night before.

<strong>Mariah Carey</strong>
Mariah Carey
Stephanie Keith / Reuters

Meanwhile, the singer was busy addressing the incident on Twitter, shrugging it off in a fantastically Mariah fashion:

What a woman.

Lip Sync Fails