Mariah Carey Reality Show Trailer: 8 Most Ridiculous Moments

Expect aof diva behaviour.

At times, we feel blessed just thinking about the fact we live in a world where a Mariah Carey reality show is in the pipeline - so you can imagine our excitement when the first trailer was posted online on Monday (16 May).

Fans of Mariah (or lambs as she affectionately refers to them, for reasons that are still unclear to us) were treated to the a sneak peek at the fabulously-titled ‘Mariah’s World’, which is set to debut on E! later this year.

And Mariah being Mariah, she's managed to squeeze a whole lot of ridiculousness into just a minute and a half. Here are just a handful of our favourite moments…

1. Mariah Practising How To Say Her Own Name


...And then doing this ‘nailed it’ face when she reaches perfection.

2. Mariah Pouring Champagne On Her Birthday Cake For What We’re Sure Is A Perfectly Valid Reason


...Pouring alcohol near open flames doesn’t exactly scream ‘party’ to us but who are we to argue with Mimi?

3. An 8-Part Event


...Who else could get away with describing their reality show as an 'event'?

4. Mariah Throwing A Diva Strop


...We can only assume there’s a LOT more where that came from.

5. Mariah Showing Us Her Favourite Way To Get From A To B


...Us too, Mariah. Us too.

6. Mariah Delivering A Stunning Monologue About Wearing Sunglasses Indoors


...“I have a rule which states that I will not be seen in fluorescent lighting without sunglasses. I know that’s really 90s.”

7. Mariah Telling Us Her Fans Are 'Unparalleled'


8. Mariah's Parting Words


...You are living for this footage.

'Mariah's World' will debut on E! later this year. Watch the trailer in full below:


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