Guy Receives Brutal Message From Boss After He Tried To Call In Sick On Day Off

Rookie mistake.

When Mark McLelland awoke after a heavy night out, he thought it was Monday and he had work.

Not feeling it, Mark messaged his boss asking for the day off citing “the runs” as his excuse.

The thing was though, it was actually Sunday and Mark wasn’t even supposed to be in work. Oops.

His boss, Greig, saw through the terrible excuse - and the fact his employee was blatantly still drunk because he was unaware of what day it was - and responded bluntly.

“1. You need to come up with a better excuse than the runs,” he said. “That’s the worst ever.

“2. It’s Sunday ya fucking weapon.”

Clearly amused at his own failure, Mark took to Twitter to share news of his gaff. His tweet has been shared more than 7,000 times.

Next time Mark calls in sick, we don’t think Greig will be buying it.