31/01/2018 09:23 GMT | Updated 31/01/2018 10:11 GMT

Mark Salling Dead: 'Glee' Cast Remembers Former Co-Star, Following His Death

'Having compassion for Mark Salling in no way minimises his crimes.'

Several former ‘Glee’ actors have expressed their grief following the death of former co-star Mark Salling at the age of 35.

On Tuesday (30 January) it was announced that Mark - best known for his role of Puck in the musical comedy series - had died from suspected suicide, having pleaded guilty to possession of child pornography a month earlier.

Frederick M. Brown via Getty Images
Mark Salling

His former co-stars Matthew Morrison and Tim Davis have been remembering Mark on social media, with the latter stating: “Today we lost another ‘Glee’ cast member.

“Yes, he committed crimes against children. Yes, it’s horrific. But[Mark Salling] was a broken man, no doubt an abuse victim himself.”

“I loved Mark, and am sad when I consider the devastation of his parents. PLEASE withhold your cruel comments.”

Tim added: “Let me be clear. Having compassion for[Mark Salling] in no way [minimises] his crimes, nor does it [minimise] the pain and devastation of the victims of those crimes. I’m just saying stop adding to his family’s pain. This was their son.

“If you’re without sin, feel free to cast stones.”

These messages were retweeted by Mark’s former co-star Jane Lynch, who also shared her thoughts on the matter when approached by TMZ, calling the news “sad and very tragic”.

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Jane Lynch

When asked how she’d remember Mark, Jane said: “As the guy who made that really sweet video in the beginning of Glee when he was so happy to be a part of this group.”

Matthew Morrison, who played Glee club leader Mr Schu, also posted a picture of himself and Mark on Instagram, alongside former co-star Cory Monteith, who died of an overdose in 2013 at the age of 31.

Following his death, a lawyer for Mark Salling said in a statement: “Mark was a gentle and loving person, a person of great creativity, who was doing his best to atone for some serious mistakes and errors of judgment.

“He is survived by his mother and father, and his brother. The Salling family appreciates the support they have been receiving and asks for their privacy to be respected.”

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