M&S Now Sells 'Aperol Spritz' In A Can, So Summer Is Officially Here

In Diane we stan.

In April this year Diane Abbott confirmed what all Brits know - M&S cocktails in a can are the summer drink to be seen with. And ever since we’ve been waiting for the weather to warm up to join her on the tinny train.

Now you’ll be pleased to know that M&S are giving us four tasty new flavours to test out this summer: Cherry Spritzer, Peach Spritzer, Vermouth & Tonic and their own version of an Aperol Spritz, the ‘Aperitivo Spritzer’.

Normally a copycat version of a favourite can miss the mark, but this isn’t just any drink, this is an M&S drink – so we’ve got high hopes.

M&S describes the drink as a blend of white wine and orange bitters so you can pretend you’re on an Italian holiday when you’re lying in the park.

It’s been a good few months for M&S after season two of ‘Fleabag’ caused a 24% spike in sales of tinned gin and tonic when the hot priest Andrew Scott revealed how much he loved them.

The other new cans on offer include the Vermouth & Tonic, which is a welcome addition to the range of 5.5% cocktails.

M&S describes it as a “refreshing must-have for sunny festival days”.

The Peach Spritzer is a mix of peach juice and Spanish white wine and the Cherry Spritzer mixes cherry juice and Spanish rosé.

Not only do they all sound delish but they’re also only £2 so you can afford to stock up. Get that ice bucket ready people.