M&S’s Christmas Advert Has Given Mrs Claus A Long Overdue Feminist Makeover

Never underestimate a strong woman.

M&S has nailed Christmas with its advert this year, with many viewers claiming it has beaten John Lewis’s #BusterTheBoxer.

The #LoveMrsClaus ad, has been praised as “feminist” for its depiction of Mother Christmas as a strong, independent and tenacious woman.

The ad, which landed on Friday, came after a long week year, following the US election which was a kick in the teeth for women everywhere.

Traditionally Mrs Claus has faded into the background, as her husband St Nicholas took centre stage dishing out presents far and wide. But M&S has rebranded Mother Christmas to make her something women and girls in 2016 can all aspire to.

As Telegraph Women highlight, Mrs Claus, played by British actor Janet McTeer, is neither a passive homemaker or sex object (hello fur garters and red neglige) in the advert. Instead she is determined, efficient, unflappable, kind-hearted, gracious and not to mention GLAMOROUS.

But although M&S can’t quite turn back time (if only!), its #LoveMrsClaus advert serves as a poignant reminder that you should never underestimate the strength and tenacity of a woman.

Patrick Bousquet-Chavanne, executive director of customer, marketing and M&S.com, said in a statement: “Mrs Claus is the result of thousands of conversations that we had with our customers to understand what they want from M&S – which is warmth, empathy and a touch of humour presented in a modern and contemporary way.

“She epitomises the huge efforts our customers put in to making the festive season special and represents the love and togetherness that customers want to feel and see in abundance at Christmas.”

An ‘army’ of Mrs Clauses will be dishing out ‘acts of kindness’ to 15,000 shoppers over the coming weeks, according to Bousquet-Chavanne.