04/10/2017 16:35 BST

Matt Edmondson Says 'Real Housewives Of Cheshire' Were His Worst 'Release The Hounds' Guests

'I kind of don't mind if a dog takes you down.'

Matt Edmondson has named ‘The Real Housewives Of Cheshire’ as the worst guests he’s encountered on the new series of ‘Release The Hounds’.

For those not familiar with the show, Matt has taken over the reins of ‘Release The Hounds’ from former host Reggie Yates, billing it as “a game show a bit like ‘The Crystal Maze’... but horror-themed”, with celebrity contestants taking part in aid of various charities.

The show culminates in the celebrities being chased by a pack of dogs which they must try and escape, often resulting in them being dragged to the ground.

Matt Edmondson

Speaking to HuffPost UK on ‘BUILD’, Matt was asked whether he ever felt guilty watching them escaping the dogs, admitting: “Some of the really nice contestants, you think, ‘oh I feel a bit sad [when they’re chased by the dogs]’, or there are people who do really well in the games...

“But also, and I’m not going to name names, but there are people on there who are genuinely awful.”

After we begged him to “name names”, it took him roughly half a second out to call out ‘The Real Housewives Of Cheshire’, adding: “You think, ‘I kind of don’t mind if a dog takes you down’. Dawn Ward. So yeah. But we’ll have to wait and see what happens [in their episode].”

Rachel Joseph/Rex/Shutterstock
Dawn Ward and her 'Real Housewives' co-stars

Elaborating on why they were such nightmare guests, Matt revealed: “[They came] on the show, but they didn’t know what it was. So they sort of turned up, and they were like, ‘what’s going on? Is it like fox-hunting?’ And in a way, yes, except you’re the foxes.

“And yeah, they tried to buy their way out of the show. They offered to just give the money to charity from their own pockets. And they were very non-compliant with all of the games… but I’m sure that won’t come across in the edit. I’m very interested to see how they put it all together.”

Given Dawn Ward and co aren’t exactly known for holding their tongues, we’re looking forward to seeing how they respond to this one (when they inevitably do).

‘Release The Hounds’ will return to our screens on ITV2 later this year.

Watch Matt’s full ‘BUILD’ interview below:

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