Matt LeBlanc 'Creeps Out' Emmys Viewers With Joke About Emilia Clarke's Nude Scenes


Matt LeBlanc raised eyebrows on the Emmys red carpet on Sunday night (18 September), when he made a rather awkward joke about Emilia Clarke’s nude scenes in ‘Game Of Thrones’.

Both Matt and Emilia were being interviewed by Giuliana Rancic and Jason Kennedy of E! News on their way into the event, when the presenters thought it might be a good idea for the two to get the chance to talk over video-link, as they’d taken a selfie together back in May.

Quizzing them about their meeting, Giuliana asked who was the biggest admirer of the other, which Emilia owned up to, insisting: “I was definitely the fan.”

Addressing how familiar he was with Emilia’s work, Matt then made a rather unsavoury comment, stating: “I saw the first season then fell out of touch with it and then I guess that was when she started getting naked.”


Finishing his joke, he added: “So I need to catch up.”

A number of viewers watching at home took to Twitter to discuss the quip - and it’s fair to say many weren’t impressed:

The latest series of ‘Game Of Thrones’ saw Emilia stripping off for the first time in three years, a gap she was keen to point out in an interview at the time.

Emilia Clarke and Giuliana Rancic
Emilia Clarke and Giuliana Rancic

Emilia recently told Conan O’Brien that she felt it was time for ‘Game Of Thrones’ to address the imbalance between male and female nudity on the show.

She said: “There’s plenty of female nudity, myself included, and I feel like… I think we should get some equal male nudity and female nudity. I think it is a discussion that should be had.”

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