60,000 Votes Later, Mayochup Is Coming To The UK

The new Marmite?

It’s the moment many have been waiting for: Mayochup – a ketchup and mayonnaise hybrid – is coming to a UK supermarket near you.

After a successful if divisive launch in the US, Heinz left Mayochup’s UK fate to a Twitter poll and the nation answered: 57% said ‘yes’.

The poll had a staggering 60,000 votes and the brand said it would be launching the condiment in 2019. But what else do we know about it?

You’d be forgiven for thinking Mayochup is similar to Marie Rose (or seafood) sauce, which you can already get in most UK supermarkets.

When pressed prior to the poll launching on how it will differ, Martina Davis, senior brand manager for Heinz, told HuffPost UK: “Mayochup is a mix of the flavours of tomato ketchup and mayonnaise. The recipe for Mayochup will be perfected by our culinary experts and research teams once we know if the UK public would like to see Mayochup here in the UK.”

We now know the UK definitely does. Here’s how people reacted to the big news...

Some disputed whether the sauce already exists in other forms, but Heinz was having none of it.

Meanwhile others aren’t buying into it at all.

Well you can’t please them all.