02/01/2018 22:00 GMT

'McMafia' Episode 2 Review: The 10 Questions We're Asking As James Norton's BBC Drama Continues

There's a LOT to unpack.


We’d barely had time to catch our breath from the first episode of ‘McMafia’ before the second instalment hit the ground running just 24 hours later. 

There was no messing around as the James Norton drama delved further into the dark gangster underworld on Tuesday (2 January) night, featuring distressing scenes of people trafficking, two people falling from building roofs and one gruesome moment that saw someone’s fingernail ripped out. 

We’ve now managed to get out heads around it all, so here are the 10 questions we’re in need of answers for... 

Who is Lyudmilla?

We saw her arrive in Cairo, from Russia, at the start of the episode, before being traffiked into Israel to work for Semiyon. But what is her background and under what did she think she was going to Egypt for?


Whose grave was Vadim visiting?

We’re presuming it may be his late wife, but the dead character must be significant to the story, otherwise why include this moment?

What kinds of businesses are Parminder Advisory Services and Turkso Export?

We know Alex is laundering Semiyon’s money, and we saw him sending huge amounts to what looked to be some pretty dodgy companies, but what exactly are those businesses, and does Alex really know what he is getting himself into? 

Was Dimitri lying about how much he had to do with Semiyon?

In episode one, we learned Semiyon had rather a lot to do with Boris prior to his death, so it seemed odd that Dimitri claimed to have little knowledge of him when Alex asked quizzed his father. Unless it was that Semiyon was lying about his connections to the Goodwin family in the first place, of course.  

What did Semiyon say to Reznick?

One minute the pair were enjoying an evening with their associates, the next Rezick was flying off the handle at something Semiyon had said to him, but what was it? And could this have contributed to his later downfall?

How much are Semiyon and Tanya involved in the people smuggling?

It was hardly a shock to learn Semiyon was not legit, but we were surprised when it was revealed he and his associate Tanya got Lyudmilla from a trafficking ring. But how involved are they in the capture of all those women?


Who was Dimitri on the phone to before he jumped off the roof?

Shortly before attempting to take his life, Dimitri made a phone call telling someone they must not “forget his love”. Was this a suicide message to one of his family, or had Dimitri been having an affair? If it is the latter, it could certainly help explain some of the marital problems he and Oksana have been experiencing. 

Will Dimitri survive?

While it was revealed a balcony had broken Dimitri’s fall from the roof, we’re not too sure he will survive. Let’s just remember they killed off a pretty major character in episode one, so we’d say no-one is safe (except for James Norton, maybe). 


Did Semiyon have Reznick killed or was it Benes?

The end of the episode also saw Reznick pushed off his apartment roof by a gang of heavies, falling to his death. A later call between Semiyon and Alex hinted at it being Benes who had him killed. But was Semiyon lying to Alex, to imply he inadvertently had Reznick killed, and therefore make him more malleable in his plans? 

Just how much Status Quo has Dimitri been listening to?


‘McMafia’ continues on Sunday at 9pm on BBC One. 

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