07/01/2018 22:01 GMT

'McMafia' Episode 3 Review: Nine Questions It Left Us Asking

Just who is 'Antonio'?!

‘McMafia’ continued apace on Sunday (7 January) night, with its third episode in the space of a week. 

And if your head was still swirling from all the goings-on in the last two instalments, bosses decided to move the action forward by a number of weeks to make it even harder to keep up. 


With Dimitri having recovered from his suicide attempt, his story was explored more with the revelations he has been having an affair, but that wasn’t the only curious thing that was served up about his character...

Meanwhile, Vadim’s business was taking a hit from Benes and Semiyon’s operations, and he set out on the hunt for answers as to why.

And when Alex found himself invited to the South of France by a mysterious man who he was supposed to have gone to university with, the plot took a fresh twist with a shock basement discovery...

Here’s all the questions episode three left us asking:

What was Dimitri in prison for?

After it was revealed Dimitri had been having an affair with Masha, she asked a curious question about tattoos, in which she referenced his time in prison. 

While we’ve always known he has been a less than stand-up guy, it’s the first time we’ve heard anything about him doing bird. To bring it up must mean the crimes that sent him there must be significant, right? 


Has anything happened to the real Antonio Mendez?

We’re assuming ‘Antonio’ stole his identity from the random guy in the Harvard Yearbook, but did he do anything to him first?

What has ‘Antonio’ done with Alex and Rebecca’s passports?

Something tells us he was up to more than ‘checking them in at reception’...

Why did Semiyon not want to work with ‘Antonio’ before?

‘Antonio’ explained to Alex he had been wanting to use Semiyon’s ships to smuggle cocaine, but was turned down. Now, he wants to move his products into Europe and needs Semiyon’s infrastructure to help him do so, which will also help bring Vadim’s smuggling business down in the process - a bargaining chip ‘Antonio’ used to help get Alex on board and persuade Semiyon to work with him.

However, what we don’t know is why Semiyon turned down his previous offer, and what he personally stands to gain from this new proposed deal. 


What is Antonio’s real identity?

Even when his plans are revealed, we’re still none the wiser who ‘Antonio’ really is, or why he has been using someone else’s identity. 

What is going to happen to Benes?

Hancil split the beans on who had paid him to cover up Reznick’s death moments before Vadim fatally bludgeoned him. This means Vadim now knows who is trying to destroy his business, so how long does Benes have before Vadim catches up with him, and will it put Alex and Semiyon’s plans in jeopardy?


How did ‘Antonio’ manage to capture Boris’s killer?

‘Antonio’ had somehow caught one of the heavies who killed Alex’s uncle, keeping him locked in the basement of his French villa. He then gifted him to Alex to do whatever he wanted with, as he attempted to persuade him to get Semiyon on side for his drug smuggling plan.  

But just how did ‘Antonio’ know who killed Boris? That is, of course, assuming he had nothing to do with it himself...

Is there more to Antonio’s plans than just taking Vadim down?

‘Antonio’ seems to know a lot about the shipment of heroin Vadim is planning, but where exactly is he getting this information from? Could his real identity unmask him as a double agent who is actually working for Vadim? That would certainly explain how he knew who killed Boris, and suggest he was using him as bait to trap Alex and Semiyon.

Why hasn’t anyone told Semiyon that budgie smugglers went out of fashion years ago?

Our eyes!

′McMafia′ continues next Sunday (14 January) at 9pm on BBC One.