04/02/2018 22:00 GMT

'McMafia' Episode 7 Review: The 8 Questions The Penultimate Instalment Left Us With

Alex Godman's fate is not looking good.


We’re hurtling towards the end of BBC’s big budget drama ‘McMafia’, and while we’ve loved every second of it, we have to admit, we’re definitely ready for it to be over. 

With all the goings-on over the last six episodes, our heads are a bit scrambled, but finally the strands are all coming together in time for next week’s finale. 

The penultimate episode, which aired on Sunday (4 February), dealt with the fall out of Rebecca’s shooting, and while she survived, Alex’s world continued to crumble around him.

Here are the questions we’re asking this week... 

Is Oleg to be trusted?

Having learned of Alex’s dealings, a furious Dimitri instructed his son he must do whatever it takes to undo his work against Vadim. He then called up his old friend Oleg to help Alex do this, but should we be suspicious of a character that has clear links to Vadim?

What’s Ilya up to?

We don’t know whether we missed something, but we totally didn’t understand what Ilya’s visit to the FSB was about. Answers in the comments please!


Has Semiyon really ‘made peace’ with Alex?

Everything between the pair seemed to be water under the bridge when they met, but it soon became clear Semiyon is harbouring ill-felling towards Alex. 

He was seen stabbing Alex in the back by telling Vadim that he isn’t the only patron Alex has, and if there is any trouble, not to land it at his door. Is he planning to make Alex take the fall for all of their dealings?

Is Josef really a secret agent for Semiyon?

We were led to believe he quit working for Semiyon to support Alex’s security operation, but a look between Josef and Semiyon as he told Alex he was “sorry” seemed to suggest his loyalties may lie with his former boss after all. Could Josef be the key player in Semiyon’s plan to pin blame on Alex?  


What was in the message Vadim sent to stop the assassination on Alex?

Having been watched closely by one of Vadim’s men, it looked like it was all over for Alex when he was followed by a man with a gun to a cash point. However, Vadim sent them a message at the very last second, and the hit man walked on by rather than taking out James Norton’s character. 

The question is though, why did Vadim decide against killing Alex, and what was in that message cancelling the instruction? If only we spoke Russian... 

Who shot Natasha and who are they working for?

Vadim was hosting a farewell to his daughter when a man approached her outside, seemingly trying to hit on her and her friends, but moments later she was brutally shot multiple times, before the gunman was driven off in a getaway car. 

We’re guessing it wasnt anyone from the Godman family who ordered her murder, so just who did? Are they connected to any of the characters we already know, or had Vadim got another enemy with an axe to grind? 


Why was Dimitri trying to stop Alex from going to Moscow?

As Alex was seen preparing to head to Moscow to sort things once and for all, Dimitri was panicking as he received a worrying phone call. Just moments later, he desperately tried to reach Alex, leaving him a message to call him urgently - what was detailed to Dimitri in the call, and what effect will this have on Alex in Moscow?

Will Rebecca get a happy ending?

We know Rebecca is only a secondary character, but from having to put up with Alex’s shady dealings, his awful family, getting shot and losing a baby, she’s arguably had the most shit to deal with.

We were totally Team Rebecca when she told Alex where to go when he came to visit her in hospital, so wouldn’t it be nice if the character just had a bit of happiness - maybe with the mysterious ‘Antonio’? 

‘McMafia’ concludes next Sunday at 9pm on BBC One.