Mel B Retracts Spice Girls Australia Tour Announcement (But Promises She’s Trying To Make It Happen)

The band's 2019 reunion tour finished at the weekend.

On Saturday night, Spice Girls fans were delighted when Mel B announced the group’s reunion tour wasn’t quite over yet, but unfortunately, it seems the singer was speaking a little prematurely.

As the band closed their Wembley Stadium gig – the last concert of their recent reunion tour – she told the 70,000-strong audience: “We will see you in Australia in February.”

Videos of Mel’s “announcement” were soon shared on social media and many news outlets reported the news of the tour extension, but sadly, Mel has now explained that a jaunt Down Under is not “100%” happening.

During an interview on Aussie radio station 2Day FM, Mel said: “You know me by now, I always say the Spice Girls are going to continue and continue and tour the whole world.

“My thing is, and I’ve got a bee in my bonnet about it, is that we need to come to Australia first out the gate.

“I announced it on stage, yes, without everybody else signing off 100%, but I figured if I put it out there maybe it’s going to happen.”

Spice Girls on stage in Dublin
Spice Girls on stage in Dublin
Dave J Hogan via Getty Images

Host Ash London then asked Mel if she was “manifesting it”, to which she replied: “Exactly.”

The Spice World 2019 tour saw the band perform 13 stadium dates in the UK and Ireland.

Superstar Adele was among fans who attended the final date, sharing snaps and videos from her evening on Instagram.

She wrote: “Tonight with my nearest and dearest I cried, laughed, screamed, danced, reminisced and fell back in love with my 10 year old self.

“It’s no secret how much I love them, how much they inspired me to run for my life and never look back.

“I finally got to meet Ginger, I got drunk with the girls and quite frankly I can’t believe how far I’ve come.”


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