13 Men Reveal Their Dream Wedding Scenarios

'Just the two of us, in some random small European town.'

Stereotypically, we think of brides-to-be as being in charge when it comes to wedding planning. But that doesn’t mean guys don’t have grand plans of their own.

Men of Reddit are smashing stereotypes by sharing how they’d like to get hitched.

From simplistic and low-key ceremonies, to outrageous and extravagant affairs (yes, someone mentioned a Star Wars-themed bash), here’s what they had to say...

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1. Uninhibited

“No speeches, no rehearsal anything, no formal attire. Yes lots of food, yes live music, yes open bar.”

2. Low-Key

“As an Indian, I’d like to only invite people whom I know well and show them a good time at the wedding. Not every Ram, Karthik and Hari whom I’ve never seen before and avoid the awkward ‘Do you remember me?’ conversations.”

3. Inexpensive

“Short and cheap. Not because I don’t care but there are better things to spend money on than an extravagant wedding.”

4. On The Beach

“I would want a small wedding on a beach somewhere in the Caribbean lit only by the moonlight and some candles. No more than 20 really immediate friends and family, and mandatory mimosas for all.”

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5. Lavish

“A marriage for a king. All the groomsmen and bridesmaids get butlers and maids for the week leading up to it. Each meal tops the last one in a never ending cascade of flavour. Literally endless alcohol.

“The kids have a kick-ass playroom area where they can stay with paid nannies and have a blast. The wedding takes place in a mega gold palace, with a huge dance floor, a balcony area that faces a fountain and hedge maze for walks in the crisp air, and where guests can make hanky panky since love is in [the] air. Greeting every guest and having a conversation like the Duke of Cambridge or some shit. Wife looks bomb af and enjoys it 100%. Carriage ride away to an estate in the country side for the night.”

6. Spontaneous

“Not my wedding but a dream wedding as a guest. We all thought we were just going to a BBQ. We knew they were engaged, but they invited us to a BBQ. All their friends and family were there. It was summer, outside at their place. There was a pig roast and a band. An hour in they said they were getting married. Surprise to almost everyone. Didn’t have to dress up, bring a gift, everyone had fun.”

7. Elopement

“Boring common answer I’m sure. Just the two of us, in some random small European town. A church would be fine.”

8. Autumnal

“An outdoors fall wedding. Photos would be amazing with the colours. Simple, few people. Maybe some cake or pie. Would only have the best man as I only have one male friend.”

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9. In The Garden

“I want her to be happy on that day. Keep the responsibilities on the day of minimal so both her and I can enjoy the ceremony. Make sure the food is good. Keep the alcohol flowing once the reception hits. Both of these will keep guests happy which makes me happy.

“Having a backyard wedding would be much less stressful, you can set things up beforehand and pack up at your leisure. To me it doesn’t make a difference where it is, I’m with the people I care most about and that’s what matters.”

10. Out Of This World

“We’d have the wedding on a beach surrounded by cliffs or mountains. I’d be on one mountain, my wife on the other. All around, huge horns would sound as the sunset begins. Then giant speakers would blast Vangelis - Chariots of Fire, as we’d para-glide (tandem, neither of us know how to do that shit without dying) down to the beach where a whole bunch of people are waiting.

“As we’d land people would cheer and applaud and chant our names and stuff like ‘You’re awesome!’ and ‘We love you!’ and so on. We’d get married by a Discordian pope. The ceremony would last 42 minutes and 36 seconds, because that is the exact length of Dvorak’s New World Symphony, which would be playing at the same time. Even better, the ceremony would be a full drama performance with this music blasting as its soundtrack.

“Once all that is said and done, there’d be huge fires lit on the beach and a big party would start with good food, none of that ‘lobster with caviar and blahblah’ bullshit, just like burritos and pizzas and a BBQ and some nice salads. Nothing fancy, just good.”

11. Themed

“A Star Wars-themed wedding, or a football (American)-themed wedding, or a weather-themed wedding. I’m a weird guy.”

12. Simple

“Get married, be done with it. No fancy stuff, just the marriage part.”

13. Wacky

“On top of a Volcano with Obama officiating and Iron Maiden as the band.”

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