22/03/2017 10:41 GMT | Updated 23/03/2017 10:54 GMT

Men Explain The Things Women 'Will Never Understand'

'We don’t know what you want unless you tell us.'

For women, it can be hard to relate to guy friends (and vice versa) - especially when there’s a little thing called biology separating the two of you.

But fear not ladies, all of your unanswered questions about men have now been answered, thanks to an insightful Reddit thread in which guys reveal the things women will (probably) never understand about them.

From the complete and utter woes of testicle pain to their musings on when women ‘play hard to get’, here’s what you need to know.

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On Uncontrollable Genitals

“Sometimes a boner just happens. Out of my control.”


“We don’t control our erections and having one does not mean we’re thinking about sex, end of story.”


“Also, not having one does not mean that I’m not interested in sex or that you are unattractive. Maybe I’m nervous. Maybe I’m drunk. Maybe I’m tired. Maybe I’m preoccupied.”


On Over-Sharing

“I’ve never chatted with the guys about my significant other’s vagina. The fact that my ex had in-depth conversations with her work friends regarding my penis is weird.”


On Scratching Down There

“When I scratch myself or re-adjust myself down below, I am not getting sexual pleasure from it.”


On Rejection

“We don’t drop off the face of the Earth after you reject us because we are angry. We do it because rejection hurts and is quite embarrassing.”


On Not Speaking

“I’m listening, I just don’t have anything to add to the conversation.”


“When I’m sitting and not saying anything I’m probably not mad. I’m probably just thinking about the technical aspects of riding dinosaurs or something else important.”


On Being Alone

“Just because I wanna do stuff by myself sometimes does not mean I don’t like being around you.”


On Testicle Pain

“It’s not so much the magnitude, as I’m sure it’s not actually worse than something like childbirth. It’s more the manifestation.

“If you get kicked in the head, your head hurts. If you get kicked in the balls, your balls hurt... but then the pain like, migrates through you, into your guts, and face and head.”


On Friendship

“I can go weeks without going out with my friends and our friendship doesn’t get strained.”


On Playing Hard To Get

“Most mature girls/women seem to understand but there’s still a fairly large subset who think that playing hard to get works. Perhaps it does on other guys.

“I just say ‘oh you’re not interested’ and move on. It’s always funny when a few weeks later, her friend will ask me why I ghosted on the girl and tell me she wanted me to chase her and make her feel wanted.

“I was like, ‘me taking her on a dinner date and trying to schedule a follow up date multiple times didn’t make her feel wanted?’”


On Bras

“Why are you surprised that I don’t know how to put on a bra? Why would I ever have any incentive to learn how to put on a bra?”


On Urinating

“It’s not that we do not aim, the urine sometimes split streams or something.” 


On Being Straightforward

“We don’t know what you want unless you tell us. Romantically, sexually, emotionally, physically, hungrily, etc. Just... like, direct us a little bit.”


On Compliments

“As men, we crave compliments. Nothing will make us happier then to be told we look good, smell good, etc. This is why...we men tend to compliment women too much sometimes. We sometimes over use the golden rule, we treat women as we want to be treated.

“I have worked with some pretty attractive men who would get hit on often which was nothing for them but the second someone actually complimented them they lit up like a god damn gorgeous Christmas tree.”