Men Reveal What Makes Them Cry (And How Hard They Find It)

'I just cry like a baby.'

They say boys don’t cry, but we all know that is far from the truth.

Even though it is 2016, there is still a social stigma around men crying in situations that would be deemed perfectly acceptable for women. Apparently, it’s not very masculine (whatever that means).

Quite poignantly on Reddit, users were asked how often they cried.

Some discussed how hard it was for them to cry and that they wished they cried more often, with one saying: “Whenever I get sad I really want to cry but I just can’t for some reason. It’s like I feel the rest of my body going through the motions as if I’m going to cry but then my body just stops and I’m no longer able to cry and I’m left with this weird empty feeling.”

Another said: “I honesty don’t remember the last time that I cried, and it kinda bothers me. I didn’t even cry at my grandparents’ funerals. It’s like a mental block of sorts and it’s really frustrating. I want to express my emotions better, but nope.”

Here men on Reddit have opened up about the things that have made them cry.

Becoming A Dad

“I don’t know why (I cry). I think it was becoming a father and see a lot of my childhood coming full circle. I’m starting to see things that my son does that I remember doing with my father, and now being in the father position and knowing how short my father had left with me [he died] at this stage makes my heart hurt.”


“Certain songs make me cry if i haven’t heard them in a long time. Whenever ‘you got a friend in me’ plays on the radio. I dunno - just sort of makes me call my Dad and tell him I love him. I’m 26.”



“Used to cry almost every other day. That’s back when my depression was really really bad. Now, I cry from sadness maybe once every two weeks or so. Quietly, and only when I’m positive I’m completely alone.”

My Dad

“Fairly recently, my dad was diagnosed with Alzheimer’s. Initially, it was a stressful situation for all parties involved, but I feel like my mom and I are working together to handle it in a good way. My dad is still the same person inside, it’s just that he will occasionally have trouble finding a word or be disorientated. One night, I was sitting alone reading the Wikipedia entry for Alzheimer’s and I just fucking broke down. It was the first time I could remember that happening in a long time. (I’m 18)”

Homeward Bound

“The first time I cried was when my first daughter was born, the second was last week, while we were watching Homeward Bound.”

Getting Married

“Last time I cried was seeing my wife turn the corner at our wedding. Was also the first time I cried tears of joy; she just looked so amazing.”

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Cute Dogs

“I see a cute dog. Or get to pat one. I walked out of the coffee shop this morning and found a golden retriever sitting and looking at me. I shed a tear as I patted his silly face. Then his human came and let me pat him more and I realised that I was a fully grown, bearded man in work clothes on the footpath near a train station, sobbing and hugging a doggy because he was so cute and fluffy.”