13/02/2017 16:30 GMT

Men Reveal Dating Tips For Guys Who Don't Consider Themselves Attractive

'Physical attractiveness has virtually no impact in the long run.'

In a world filled with visually-focused dating apps that play to attractiveness over personality, dating can be seriously hard. 

To remedy this, guys who don’t believe they are good looking have taken to Reddit to reveal how they bagged a date with the woman they fancied.

Here’s what they had to say... 

Pekic via Getty Images

1. “You know the hand trick where it appears that you are taking your fingers off? Yeah, that.”


2. “She fell off the stage while dancing at a nightclub and I caught her. She was a solid 8.5 and I’m a 6. No way I would have spent the night with her if I didn’t save her from breaking her neck haha.”


3. “British accent in Sweden.” 


4. “She liked how I marched to the beat of my own drum.”


5. “Huge cock. I’m a huge cock and my wife finds arrogance very attractive.”


6. “I made ‘jokes’ about having a small penis. She liked my sense of humour. Joke’s on her though.”


7. “As a bigger dude, I grew a beard that suited my face, dressed in clothing that fits but compliments me, smell nice and learn that girls want to talk not just be heard.” 


8. “Having confidence helps a lot. Just remember the following: ‘Confidence isn’t saying I know she will like me. Confidence is saying I’ll be fine whether she likes me or not’.”


9. “By being myself and no more than slightly going above and beyond. Always remember shoot for the stars, not all of them can get out of the way fast enough.”


10. “Make her laugh.” 


11. “Treated her like a friend and a human being with flaws instead of some goddess on a pedestal. She was (and still is) the 9/10 girl that every guy dreamed about, but nobody else was capable of putting their fantasies aside and just wanting a friendly, platonic relationship.

“It wasn’t until she asked me out that I even considered a romantic relationship a realistic possibility. The first time she kissed me, I panicked and turned at the last second, so it became a kiss on the cheek.”


12. “Worked on not getting the girl but working on my lifestyle and mental health. Now the girls try to get me.” 


13. “Made her laugh a lot and we have shared interests.”


14. “Be who you are. Do what you love. Have faith in yourself. Don’t let the presence of someone you’re attracted to change that. As long as you do that and put yourself out there socially, that’s the best you can do.

“Attractive or not - my friends that have had the most success with women are the ones who can be themselves and not worry about impressing anyone or acting a certain, different way.”


15. “I’m a good cook and I look like a hobbit. Found a hungry girl that likes Lord Of The Rings.”


16. “I’m 6’4, she’s 5’1. I think honestly she just can’t see me very well from down there.”


17. “This probably will be buried, but as a 53 year-old I think I bring some perspective to this question. 1) Just because you might place a high value on physical attractiveness, don’t assume all (or even a majority of) women do this. Simply put, they don’t. 2) Physical attractiveness has virtually no impact in the long run.”