08/06/2018 08:59 BST | Updated 08/06/2018 10:10 BST

Michael McIntyre Is Already Joking About Being Mugged In His Stand-Up Routine

'Think the film ‘Taken’ with me as Liam Neeson... [but] the polar opposite.'

After his week got off to a scary start, Michael McIntyre is already joking about being on the receiving end of a robbery, which saw two muggers on a moped stealing his watch outside one of his children’s school.

Earlier this week, the police were called when two men stole Michael’s watch and smashed in his car windows with a hammer, an incident he joked about on Thursday at his stand-up show in Dublin.

As reported by The Mirror, the comic told his Irish audience he was feeling “on edge”, admitting: “It has not been a great week.”

Michael snapped in London on Thursday, wearing a new watch

Speaking about the mugging, he joked: “Yeah, I’m OK. We’re OK. I’ll be honest, I could have done with you lot, seriously, 9000 Dubliners…

“Unfortunately I had to fend for myself; it didn’t go well. Think the film ‘Taken’ with me as Liam Neeson [but] the polar opposite.”

“It wasn’t ‘The Fast And The Furious’, rather I was stationary and fucking panicking.”

He also joked that he would now be moving to “lovely” Dublin, commenting: “Fuck London.”

At the end of the gig, Michael shared a photo on his Twitter page that was taken during show.

Michael’s publicist assured fans earlier this week that the comedian was “fine” after the incident, while a police spokesperson noted: “The victim was stationary in his car when two males on a moped smashed the car windows with a hammer before stealing property.”

A short-lived judge on ‘Britain’s Got Talent’, McIntyre now fronts the BBC’s Saturday night entertainment show ‘Michael McIntyre’s Big Show’.

His show is famed for segments like ‘Unexpected Star Of The Show’, in which members of the studio audience get an opportunity to show off a hidden talent, and ‘Celebrity Send To All’, which sees a different celebrity guest hand over their phone to McIntyre, who then sends all of their contacts the same embarrassing message and awaits a reply.