31/10/2016 13:13 GMT | Updated 31/10/2016 13:22 GMT

Nicole Phelps Wears Julie Vino Wedding Dress To Marry Michael Phelps

'She always wanted something with a slit.'

Nicole Phelps (née Johnson) wore a bespoke wedding dress designed by Julie Vino, as she married Olympian Michael Phelps.

The day after the ceremony in Mexico on Saturday 29 October, the newly married couple both took to Instagram to share photos.

Mrs Phelps, who is a model, chose to have Vino’s Erin gown customised to include a thigh high split in the silk chiffon skirt.

Phelps’ dress also featured a hand-embroidered  French lace bodice. 

Israel-based designer Vino created the bespoke dress for Phelps after just one fitting.

“She did not want the traditional bridal gown,” Vino told PEOPLE.

“She wanted something that was a little more easygoing and flowing, and a slit up the side.

“She always wanted something with a slit. It was something that she had in her head from the beginning.” 

This was actually the couple’s second wedding ceremony, as they officially wed in secret on 13 June, one month after the birth of their son, Boomer.