Fed-Up Ex-RNC Chair Absolutely Loses It Over Trump's 'I'm With Stupid' Backers

"We have to literally beg people to wear a mask to save their own dumb ass from getting sick," Michael Steele said.

Michael Steele, former chair of the Republican National Committee, reached new levels of exasperation after President Donald Trump’s wild news conference on Wednesday.

Trump claimed he’d done a “great job” with the coronavirus pandemic despite the U.S. having the world’s highest death toll and one of the highest per-capita death rates of the industrialized nations.

But Steele said on MSNBC that Trump’s supporters just don’t care.

“I’ve talked to enough of them over the last few days. I’m exhausted, I’m exasperated. You know, at this point, it’s like, save who you can save because there’s only so much you can do. There’s only so much you can say. The fact that we have to literally beg people to wear a mask to save their own dumb ass from getting sick, I’m sorry. To me, it is beyond the imagination.”

Steele also complained about Trump contradicting his own CDC director, Dr. Robert Redfield, who earlier in the day said a possible coronavirus vaccine would not be available to the general public until the second or third quarter of next year, and urged Americans to wear a mask to stop the spread of the infection.

“The CDC director is telling us the truth and Donald Trump is literally lying to us,” Steele said. “And yet, 40 percent of the country looks at it and goes: ‘Yeah, I’m with stupid.’”

Steele said the nation is facing a stark choice in the coming election.

“I don’t know what more you can take before you say you’ve had enough,” he said. “Because, my heavens, this is too much for a country to go through.”

See his full discussion with MSNBC’s Brian Williams and The Washington Post’s Eugene Robinson above.

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