06/09/2016 10:51 BST | Updated 17/11/2016 12:47 GMT

Michelle Keegan Makes Embarrassing Football Gaffe On BBC Breakfast

Oh, Keegs. 🙈

Michelle Keegan may be feeling a little red-faced following an appearance on BBC Breakfast, during which she made a rather embarrassing football gaffe.

Now, we know what you’re thinking - why should we expect Keegs to be an expert on the beautiful game?

Well, her comment came as she was chatting about her upcoming drama ‘Tina And Bobby’, in which she plays the wife of the England captain Bobby Moore.

BBC Breakfast
Just keep smiling, Michelle 

Therefore, viewers were a little perplexed to hear her declare: “Back in the sixties people didn’t really know anything about football. It wasn’t really a major sport back then.”

Hmmm... the 60s? You mean that decade when England literally won the World Cup? Oh, Keegs.

Naturally, a number of viewers then took to Twitter…

‘Tina And Bobby’ isn’t the only huge project Michelle’s currently promoting, as she’ll make her ‘Our Girl’ debut on Wednesday (7 September), playing army medic Georgie.

There’s been plenty of hype ahead of the series, which sees Michelle take over from Lacey Turner as the show’s female lead, and the actress has previously opened up about what it was like doing her own stunts.


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