28/07/2016 15:28 BST

Microsoft's New iPhone Camera App Uses Artificial Intelligence To Take The Best Picture

And it's frighteningly intelligent...

Some of Microsoft’s best apps are, remarkably, made for Apple devices and it seems that the company has come up tops again with its latest endeavour.

Microsoft Pix is a camera app for the iPhone which the company claims will take the editing our of pictures.


The idea being that it will intelligently analyse the scene it sees and make all the adjustments before you’ve even pressed the shutter button.

As such it has almost no buttons, simply the shutter button, a video button and then the option to force the flash on or off.

According to Microsoft the app’s skill comes courtesy of the artificial intelligence that was used to help build it.


While you might wave some of their bravado aside as nothing more than marketing speak there are some genuinely cool features included. For starter the camera knows if what you’re taking is a picture full of movement and so will automatically capture the picture and then turn it into a short looping video which can be shared.

The app also has a rather neat stabilisation effect for video-recording which was stolen from Microsoft’s own Hyperlapse app.

That means you should be able to get beautifully smooth video no whether you’re paddling across a lake or hurtling down a rapids.

That are some downsides however. It can’t take 4K video at 60fps, instead opting for Full-HD at 30fps. It also can’t take panoramas, or slow-motion video so for either of those you’ll need to resort back to Apple’s own camera app.

If a no-nonsense point-and-shoot camera app that does all the heavy-lifting sounds like your cup of tea though then you can download the app now from Apple’s App Store.

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