Middle-Aged Women Explain Why Sex Gets Better As You Get Older

'I’m 45 and I get hornier by the month.'

Women over 40 have shared the reasons why they believe sex gets better with age on Reddit. And it’s seriously encouraging to see.

While some explained that sex became less enjoyable as they aged, because of menopause-related symptoms like vaginal dryness, most seemed to agree that sexy time is actually better now than when they were in their 20s and 30s.

Here’s why...

1. You Can Make As Much Noise As You Want

“I can scream all I want because my kids are gone and living on their own.”

2. You Have Fewer Pregnancy Concerns

“Well, there is generally no pregnancy without medical intervention, so you can just relax and not worry, which is really nice.”

3. You Stop Worrying About What You Look Like

“You stop worrying about whether your ass looks fat at certain angles. Adults are just a whole lot less judgmental and more into simply really enjoying each other.”

4. Your Libido Takes Things Up A Notch

“I’m 45 and I get hornier by the month. I am more turned on by a man’s kindness, humour, and intelligence.”

5. You Become More Confident

“It’s way better. I know my body, I know what I like, I have no interest in pandering - mutual means mutual.”

6. You’re More Relaxed And Have More Fun

“I’m 55. My SO is 58. Our kids are grown. We don’t have unexpected visitors (i.e. The kids) interrupting us. We don’t have pregnancy scares. We can be as noisy as we want. We’re more relaxed. We don’t dwell on a new wrinkle. We’re not self conscious about our bodies. We can enjoy each other!”