07/04/2017 07:01 BST

‘Midsomer Murders’: 19 Stars Who Were In The ITV Show Before They Were Famous

From 'Broadchurch' actors to Hollywood heavyweights.

‘Midsomer Murders’ has hit a big milestone, with filming officially beginning on the show’s landmark 20th anniversary series.

Unsurprisingly, the programme - and the fictional county it’s set in - have seen a number of faces come and go over the years, making it something of a rite of passage for British stars.

And while not all of them have gone on to great things, a number of today’s TV mainstays, along with a handful of A-listers and film stars, once called Midsomer home.

Well… “home” might be a bit strong. Let’s just say they were there for a little while, trying not to get murdered.

See 19 actors who appeared on ‘Midsomer Murders’ before they were famous below…

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