Mike Myers Tells How Dana Carvey Helped Him Through 'Very Sad' Moment On 'SNL'

"Wayne's World" buddies for life!

Mike Myers gushed Thursday about his “Wayne’s World” pal Dana Carvey and their lasting connection. (Watch the video below.)

Their alter-egos Wayne and Garth became beloved characters on “Saturday Night Live,” and the comedians made two successful films in the ’90s as the rockin’ slackers on public-access TV.

But on the 40th anniversary special for “SNL” in 2015, Myers got hit with a serious bout of melancholy, he told Stephen Colbert on “The Late Show.” Myers and Carvey were due to reprise their characters in a segment, but the in- memoriam section aired first. Myers said he got “very very sad” at the mention of fellow “SNL” alum Jan Hooks, who had died recently of throat cancer.

Myers recalled turning to Carvey and saying, “Are we dead now that we’re going on after the who’s-died thing?”

“And Dana went, ’No, fuck ’em, we’re gonna kick their ass,’” Myers remembered.

“I was like, ‘Dude that’s exactly right’ and we went out there and ― boom ― just knocked ’em dead. That’s what I love about Dana.”

Here’s their segment from the 40th anniversary special:

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