36 Miranda Memes That Every 30-Something Single Person Will Totally Relate To

Miranda Hart's hit BBC sitcom it celebrating its 10th anniversary.

Listen, it may not have been as achingly cool as Fleabag or as critically-acclaimed as Gavin & Stacey, but Miranda Hart’s eponymous sitcom will always hold a special place in our hearts.

Unbelievably, November 2019 marked 10 years since the first series debuted to a small audience on BBC Two, as fans followed the hapless adventures of the 30-something single joke shop owner.

Miranda debuted on BBC Two 10 years ago
Miranda debuted on BBC Two 10 years ago

Over the course of it first two series, the Marmite show built up a loyal fanbase and was promoted to BBC One, where its final episode went on to air to nearly 10 million people on New Years Day in 2015.

To mark the 10-year anniversary the cast will reunite on screen later this year for a special celebration, but ahead of that, we’re paying tribute in our own way with 36 Miranda memes that every 30-something single person can relate to...

1. When you’re visiting family and they start talking about politics

2. When you, the only single person in your group of friends, is invited to a wedding without a plus one

3. Whenever you make an attempt to finally get fit

4. When you’re at a school reunion and the lies you’ve been telling to make yourself sound more exciting and successful begin to unravel

5. When you, a childless person, find yourself sitting near a crying baby on public transport

6. When someone you’re romantically interested in tells you they are neat and tidy

7. When you visit your GP and they ask what your diet mainly consists of

8. When you’re on a date and your selfish eating habits rear their head

9. What you think you look like when you’re trying to be sexy...

10. ...vs. what you actually look like

11. When someone suggests going out on a school night rather than being tucked up in bed by 10pm

12. When you suddenly develop hobbies you would have found ridiculous in your 20s

13. When you’re constantly reminded of your age and all the things you are yet to achieve

14. When you spend four hours on Tinder and get zero matches

15. When, because of having spent so much time in your own company, you’re able to find joy from the smallest of things

16. When someone asks how your date was and you can’t bear to tell them what a car crash it was

17. Whenever you come into close proximity with teenagers

18. When you find the idea of going home at the end of a night out with a box of 20 Chicken McNuggets more erotic than going home with another human being

19. When you’re in a professional environment and someone drops an accidental innuendo

20. When life has taught you who your real friends are and you start clearing out the dead wood

21. Although it is never too late to make new ones

22. Whenever your parents tell you it’s time to think about settling down

23. When someone asks you to talk dirty to them

24. When you somehow find yourself as someone’s manager and you don’t have a clue what to do with them

25. When you’re totally fine with spending your 100th consecutive Valentine’s Day alone

26. When things like clearing out the fridge and sorting your underwear drawer bring you a deep amount of satisfaction

27. Whenever someone with authority tries to ask you to do something

28. When you have to start buying a whole new wardrobe because your old one no longer fits

29. When a hot man starts talking to you unexpectedly and you suddenly lose all ability to communicate like a normal functioning person

30. When you go to a club and are the oldest person in there by a good 10 years

31. What you’d like to be doing in bed every night...

32. What you actually do in bed every night, alone...

33. When you take up baking as a hobby to fill some spare time and suddenly think you’re Mary Berry

34. When you get to the end of another day stuck in a job you despise

35. When you get saddled talking to a distant relative at a family function and they make a joke about you not being married yet

36. When you begin to realise that hangovers now last three days

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