Monkton Combe School Teachers Stun Pupils By Bursting Into Les Mis Performance During Final Assembly

You NEED to see this.

Teachers at a school in Bath stunned students after they burst into a surprise rendition of Les Miserable during a leaving assembly.

Sixth form pupils at Monkton Combe School were listening to a speech from principal Chris Wheeler when the teacher suddenly abandoned his talk and slowly began singing ‘One Day More’ from the musical.

As confused students and parents began looking around the marquee, other members of staff jumped up to join in with the unexpected performance.

As the song reached its rousing conclusion, hundreds of students and parents came together to give the teachers a standing ovation.

“This makes me nostalgic for my Monkton days,” one former student wrote on Facebook. “Wish this had happened in my time there!”

Another added: “Absolutely amazing! So proud to be part of Monkton School!”

<strong>Teachers received a standing ovation for their 'amazing' Les Mis performance </strong>
Teachers received a standing ovation for their 'amazing' Les Mis performance
Monkton School

A video of the performance, which was posted on Facebook by the school, has been liked more than 400 times and shared by almost 350 people.

Responding to the huge response to his performance as Jean Valjean, headteacher Wheeler said: “I am always keen to show pupils that just as we ask them to put themselves out there, so we are prepared to do the same.

“There aren’t many schools where the deputy head, medical centre nurse, a houseparent, pupils and even a governor would be prepared to risk embarrassment in the name of fun but I am very proud that Monkton is one.”

Monkton School is a boarding and day school on the outskirts of Bath. Former students include TED Talks curator Chris Andersan and the former head of the British Secret Intelligence Service Sir Richard Dearlove.

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