13/12/2016 09:57 GMT | Updated 13/12/2016 09:58 GMT

'Alien Pod Time Capsule' Is (Surprise, Surprise) Not Actually Alien

Spoiler alert.

A monster-like object has washed up on a beach in New Zealand, prompting fears among locals of an alien invasion.

After photos of the bizarre “creature” were posted on Facebook, residents speculated it could be a “sea monster” or an “alien pod time capsule”.

But it turns out that the bizarre find on Muriwai Beach is actually a piece of large drift wood covered in gooseneck barnacles, the NZ Herald reported.

The barnacles are normally found attached to floating objects in the ocean, and wharves and piers, according to the Australian Museum

On northern Spain’s Coast of Death, locals risk their lives to attempt to collect the delicacies from jagged cliffs.

Fishermen can make up to €1,000 a day collecting the prized fish, which sell for €125 a kilo.

But the catch is a little less appealing to New Zealanders. Melissa Doubleday, who posted the photos to Facebook, told Mashable: “Yesterday afternoon it was just dry and smelly.”

It’s not the first time that resdients have recently been spooked by rare creatures washing up on beaches.

At the end of November, “alien-like” creatures washed up on a beach in California

They turned out to be a jelly-fish like vertebrate known as salps.