10 Tweets That Sum Up Living With Your Parents After Graduating

At least there is food in the fridge.

As graduates up and down the country say goodbye to their university town, lectures, exams, and that damp mould in the bathroom, it is a time of huge change for everyone.

If you’re lucky you’ll be moving on to bigger and better things, but for the vast majority of us, graduating requires moving home (at least for a couple of weeks).

Back to your childhood bedroom, your parent’s rules and most importantly, being judged for your Dominos pizza habit.... how will we ever cope?

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These tweets perfectly sum up the angsty stages of moving back with your parents.

1. Questioning all your life choices on a daily basis.

2. Getting used to everyone treating you like you’re 16 again.

3. Wishing they understood how mature and sophisticated you’ve become.

4. Remembering why you moved out in the first place.

5. Having to bring them up to speed with 2016.

6. But knowing they still have a better social life than you.

7. Because you’re not allowed to leave the house after dark.

8. Knowing your sex life is going to be thin on the ground but at least your mum is keen.

9. Having all your friends in the same position and having nowhere to escape.

10. Realising that you’re no longer the apple of your parent’s eye.

When can we move out again?

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